Andrea Corelli, Italian Ambassador

“A cocktail is an experience; every sip should be exciting.”


Andrea Corelli, Italian ambassador for the Torres Brandy Embassy, lives and breathes the world of cocktails. A world that he knows like the back of his hand, thanks to many years of experience behind the bar. As ambassador in Italy, he’s been in close contact with numerous restaurants, pubs, and cocktail bars, and has been witness to the evolution of the world of the cocktail over the last ten years.

He says that today much more attention is focused on the techniques and ingredients used, and on how cocktails are presented, without forgetting a much increased awareness of the need for sustainability. A trend that’s become a reality. Bartenders and cocktail bar owners can do their bit by minimizing waste as much as possible, reusing ingredients like oranges and lemons to decorate their cocktails (to give just one example), and even promoting the circular economy to reduce their carbon footprint.

“The way that cocktails are made and presented has changed enormously over the last 10 years. Today, bartenders think of themselves as being chemists, like the alchemists of old.”

Andrea Corelli Torres Brandy Ambassador en Italia

The world of cocktails is growing in importance, as is the role of brandy within it. Because a cocktail is an experience, something that can trigger memories and emotions. And it’s gaining in strength: there are now cocktails that can pair beautifully with your lunch or dinner, or that are perfect for a drink after work, or as an aperitif.

As an example, Andrea recommends a new take on the classic Sweet Martini cocktail made with Torres Alta Luz brandy.


In this version of a classic, Andrea suggests using Torres Alta Luz. A brandy with slightly sweet fruity flavors and an aromatic finish. Enjoy this version of the Sweet Martini as an aperitif, or as an after work cocktail. Cheers!


  • 60 ml Torres Alta Luz
  • 10 ml red vermouth
  • Orange zest


Place all the ingredients in a mixer glass and fill with lots of ice.

Stir to dilute, and to chill the drink.

Strain the mix into a coupette or Martini glass and serve.

Aromatize by rubbing the rim of the glass with orange peel.

Andrea Corelli Torres Brandy Ambassador en Italia