Jani Virta. A Passion for Cocktails.

“A well-prepared cocktail can evoke memories of the past, or cement the present, looking to the future.”


Don’t be fooled by appearances: despite Jani Virta’s youthful look, Torres Brandy’s ambassador in the Nordic and Baltic countries boasts almost a quarter of a century of experience at bars and cocktail bars. A quarter of a century is a long time, achieved with hard work, passion and perseverance behind bars, at hotels, and his own business.

Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania are the different countries in which Jani is like a fish in water, explaining to his colleagues at bars and cocktail bars the strengths and qualities of brandy, and the role that Torres Brandy plays in the cocktail world.


He is aware of how fortunate he is to have seen cocktails flourish over the past five years in the Nordic and Baltic countries, especially in places like Tallinn (Estonia) and Riga (Latvia), and to have seen Oslo and Stockholm named the sites of bars ranking among the world’s top 50, according to the “The World’s 50 Best Bars” competition.

Jani points to how cocktails are approached in these countries that he represents: an awareness of being as sustainable as possible when it comes to creating cocktails, and bar management, a taste for local ingredients, and a passion for simple cocktail presentations.

Over the last 7 years, as an ambassador for Torres Brandy, he has travelled to more than 100 cities, an activity that he combines with his own personal project and business: Cocktail Company.

As the founder and owner of Cocktail Company, he is proud to be on Finland’s Top Bars list. Virta is ever exuding his passion for cocktails, winning the hearts of his customers through them. His offerings perfectly represent the Nordic character through cocktails, characterised by the use of fresh, local ingredients depending on the season of the year.

As an expert on the Nordic and Baltic countries, Jani will be your guide and host at City Selection by Torres Brady, where you will discover a Finnish gem: the city of Oulu, and those restaurants, places and bars to experience the city like a local.

Torres Brandy Embassy Jani Virtra


Jani Virta offers you a local, seasonal cocktail made with Torres 10, a brandy aged in American oak barrels and featuring an intense aroma and warm tinges of cinnamon and vanilla. Seabuckthorn Fizz is a sweet and fruity cocktail in which, instead of using citrus fruits, such as lime or lemon, Jani creates it with juice from sea buckthorn berries, orange berries rich in vitamins and gathered in Finnish forests and backyards. To give the cocktail a touch of sweetness, he recommends using honey instead of sugar, preparing this cocktail with a local wild one, definitely making a statement. Cheers!


  • 40 ml  Torres 10
  • 25 ml  Freshly squeezed sea buckthorn berry juice
  • 20 ml  Honey
  • 80 ml  Soda

Decoration: Sea buckthorn leaf


Place ice and ingredients in a mixing glass.

Stir to cool the mixture, and strain into a Collins-style highball glass into which you have previously placed a block of ice.

Decorate with the sea buckthorn leaf.

Torres Brandy Embassy Jani Virtra