Lea Messier, Canadian Brand Ambassador

“You’ll find me where the bright lights are – and where there’s Torres Brandy of course!”


Lea Messier, Torres Brandy Embassy’s Canadian Ambassador won’t disappoint. One of her mottoes is: “Don’t take yourself too seriously”. Quite a declaration of intent.

Lea believes that her beloved Canada deserves a place on the world cocktail bar map. Done.

A lover of music, cocktails and brandy, she’s always ready to bring a touch of humour to everything she does. Remember, she says, “You’ll find me where the bright lights are – and where there’s Torres Brandy of course!”

So she’ll be perched on a stool in a cocktail bar, or chatting with the chef in a restaurant, always supporting colleagues: bartenders, cocktail waiters, and chefs. She knows that making your way in this world is no easy task – it’s a huge challenge, and even more so when you’re a woman. That’s why she decided to share all her experience and know-how with her colleagues, supporting them so that in turn they can help customers to enjoy the best cocktails made with Torres Brandy. 

With Lea as your guide you’ll discover the best cocktail bars, the hippest restaurants in Montreal, and lots of great ideas. Nothing slips past her. And as she’s all about sharing, here you have her “Planet of the Grapes” recipe. An elegant cocktail make with Torres 20 Brandy that’s dry, simple to prepare, and great for sipping at your leisure while listening to Billy Joel songs. Perfection.

Lea Messier Torres Brandy Ambassador in Canada


This is the recipe so you can enjoy it at home:


1 oz de Torres 20

0.75 oz Manzanilla

0.75 oz Port


Place all the ingredients in a mixer glass, and fill with ice.

Stir with a bar spoon and then strain into a cold coupé glass.

Garnish with a twist of orange, and voilà! Bottoms up!

Planet of the Grapes a cocktail by Lea Messier for Torres Brandy