Mexico City by Rodrigo Urraca

“Ciudad de México is a city that never sleeps. There’s always something to do, something to say, a story to be told…”

A natural spectacle

that’s not to missed!

Vibrant, cultural, multifaceted, and buzzing with energy: that’s Mexico City. And Rodrigo Urraca, brand ambassador for Torres Brandy in Mexico, reveals the best places to eat, the city’s best cocktail bars, and the places the locals love to go to enjoy the biggest city in the world. Get ready for take-off!


If there’s one thing that defines the essence of Mexico City, it’s looking to the future without forgetting about the past. Epicentre of ancient civilisations like that of the Aztecs, this is a that buzzes with pure energy. To enjoy one of its traditions and popular customs we head for the south of the metropolis. Destination: Xochimilco. A place that was once an important enclave of the Aztec civilization.

Some say it’s the Venice of Mexico, and others swear that it’s a magical place. Find out for yourself on board one of the trajineras, the small, colourful boats that ply the extensive network of canals overflowing with lush greenery in the nature reserve. A natural spectacle that’s not to missed! 

If there’s one thing that characterises Mexican culture, it’s the country’s gastronomy, and in Mexico City you can enjoy traditional and fusion dishes. 

Mexico City by Rodrigo Urraca

Tradition and modernity get along just fine, and a clear example of this is the La Roma district, an eclectic neighbourhood where you can take a slow stroll and remember scenes from Roma, the film directed by Alfonso Cuarón. La Roma is a district that mixes leisure and culture, a trendy place with a great range of restaurants, bars, art galleries and bookshops, that’s the perfect place to relax. And if you’re feeling hungry after all that walking, Rodrigo Urraca suggests two restaurants where you can indulge those taste buds.



A bistro hidden away in the heart of La Roma. Not an easy place to find at first, but then chef Marco Margain wants it to be somewhere you discover by recommendation. And you’re in luck. Because you do have a recommendation – from Rodrigo Urraca. Broka means “brother” in northern Mexican slang, and the name highlights the close ties the place seeks to create with diners by offering a warm, friendly atmosphere and excellent cuisine. A restaurant that stands out for its creativity, with Mexican ingredients as the stars of the show. The menu changes every day, as the aim is to offer dishes prepared using fresh, seasonal produce. 

Mexico City by Rodrigo Urraca


Without leaving the neighbourhood, you’ll also find this restaurant that serves international cuisine, primarily using Mexican products purchased directly from the producer. Cuisine with an international flavour that uses culinary techniques from all over the world. We’re not talking about classical recipes here, in fact quite the opposite. Chef Fernando Zavala’s creativity and style of chef is sure to impress – his dishes are true works of art. 

Mexico City by Rodrigo Urraca


And after your visit to these restaurants, what better to continue to indulge all the five senses than popping into a cocktail bar?


Don’t tell anyone, but you can only get into speakeasy by making an advance reservation via their Instagram account @handshake_bar. A tucked-away cocktail bar inspired by the US Prohibition era. Don’t leave without trying their delicious clarified Piña Colada with Torres 15. Shhh!

Mexico City by Rodrigo Urraca

Fifty Mils

A cocktail bar that breaks with the stereotype of the classic hotel bar. A quiet, peaceful cocktail bar that’s the perfect place to round off a busy day discovering the delights of the city. It’s located in the Four Seasons Hotel, and you’ll love the elegant atmosphere as well as Francisco Calvo’s wide selection of cocktails.

Mexico City by Rodrigo Urraca