Oulu, the Finnish city, by Jani Virta

Oulu is the most important city in northern Finland, close to Lapland and the Swedish border, making it a place where nature converges with the energy of its people.


This may be the first time you read about the city of Oulu, a place where technology, gaming and nature merge. Yes, you read that right. The city is home to numerous companies involved in new technologies and the video games sector, which makes it a city that, despite lying way up north on the globe, in an area where the natural surroundings are overwhelming, it is full of life and leisure too.

Hailuoto, the island in front of the city

We cross over to the small island of Hailuoto, an island known for its pristine nature. The best time to enjoy it is in the spring or summer, when you can traverse part of the island on foot, on its trails, admiring its pine forests covered with white lichen, or its beaches and their beautiful dunes. A nice contrast. Hailuoto is a natural haven that also has observation points for migratory birds. But, if you’re more adventurous, travel in winter and reach the island by crossing the 10-km ice road, an official artery linking the island with the mainland. Quite an experience.

Torres Brandy City Selection: Oulu by Jani Virtra


If you’re one of those who like to enjoy nature, you can’t miss the area of Koiteli. But, if you like cultural festivals, you shouldn’t miss it either. It’s a place for those of all tastes, a natural space where locals escape to enjoy not only nature, but also the festivals that are organized in this enclave during the summer months. A place with rivers, rapids and islands. Located 20 kilometers from Oulu, this place will fascinate you. Can you imagine a music festival in such a setting?

Torres Brandy City Selection: Oulu by Jani Virtra

Jani Virta, Torres Brandy’s ambassador in the Nordic and Baltic countries, recommends restaurants, places and bars during your time in Oulu.

Torres Brandy City Selection: Oulu by Jani Virtra



Traveling to Oulu means being open to be dazzled by the local gastronomy. This restaurant crafts its culinary offerings with local ingredients, so the menu is constantly changing depending on seasonal products. A genuine statement of intent by Jenny and Jussi Kurtela, its owners. At Ostroferia you’ll enjoy Nordic flavors through creative cuisine, and a relaxed atmosphere, all done with dedication and passion. Without a doubt, our recommendation: the seasonal menu. Delicious!

Torres Brandy City Selection: Oulu by Jani Virtra


A set of gastronomic options combining local ingredients and dishes with flavors and culinary styles from other parts of the world. A type of cuisine that goes beyond tradition; its owners say that traditions are not an absolute value, but rather part of their lives. Uleåborg is a whole gastronomic experience, with its delicacy and exquisite service. Their motto: “For a good and tasty life”. Enough said.

Torres Brandy City Selection: Oulu by Jani Virtra



At this gastropub you can enjoy a selection of wines, cocktails and craft beer while you savor one of their dishes. An informal venue with an industrial look at which to delve into Oulu’s social life. Sit at one of their tables and enjoy the good atmosphere and music while sipping a “Brandy Sour with orange juice”. Cheers!

Torres Brandy City Selection: Oulu by Jani Virtra