Welcome to the Torres Brandy Embassy

It’s not the things you possess that define who you are, it’s how you live.

At the Torres Brandy Embassy we’re a select group of people who are here to inspire, and to be your guide in cities all over the world. Recommending exceptional experiences and places linked with the culinary arts and sophisticated cocktails. Or surprising you with all the best hacks for enjoying the ultimate in cocktails.

Introducing the Torres Brandy Embassy


It doesn’t matter where you’re from, or how old you are. What’s important is your enthusiasm, your desire to make discoveries and let yourself be truly inspired.  The Torres Brandy Embassy is for those with enquiring minds. Those who aren’t afraid to try new things. Who keep an open mind, who allow themselves to be swept away by the unexpected, and are hungry for new sensations. Those who share, and who inspire others. Does that sound like you?

Torres Brand Embassy Ambassadors are from all over the world – Canada, Mexico, England, Spain, Finland, Rome… They’re all from different places and different cultures. And they’re all ready to share their discoveries with you, to make sure you’re well aware of whatever’s about to be the talk of the town before everyone else does.

They’ll inspire you with all the best ideas, open your eyes to new places and new sensations, and show you the latest trends, like the speakeasy that are simply not to be missed.

Looking for a restaurant that’ll take your breath away? Want to find out what happens when minimalist Japanese style meets cyberpunk in a cocktail bar? Be mesmerised by a shop that mixes jewellery with art? Or sip a cocktail that you’ll always remember? Find out about all this and more, in the Torres Brandy City Selection. Barcelona, Montreal, Mexico City, London, Rome, Oulu – get those bags packed, we’re off!

Welcome to the Torres Brandy Embassy. The pleasure is all ours.

Introducing the Torres Brandy Embassy