Rodrigo Urraca. When a cocktail goes right to the heart.

Brandy is a spirit distilled from the grape from which cocktails originated. The possibilities it offers are endless.”

The country where the famous Margarita was born also absolutely adores brandy

Rodrigo Urraca, brand ambassador for Torres Brandy in Mexico, is all about pure joy and optimism, and he’s always got a big smile on his face. Warm, friendly and passionate about cocktails, he’s the personification of the virtues of Torres Brandy distillates in his home country: Mexico. Yes, the country where the famous Margarita cocktail was born also absolutely adores brandy. 

His passion for cocktails and friendly, open personality open the doors of restaurants and cocktail bars in Mexico and in many other places too. And if we had to put a face to camaraderie, it would definitely be his. 

Rodrigo has a very inquisitive nature, and not only does he discover all the latest on trend cocktails, he’s also great at explaining what an important role brandy plays in the world of mixology. And at letting everyone know that the very first cocktails were created with brandy or cognac. That’s why he can wow you with a cocktail based on this grape distillate that will warm your heart.

Are you heading for Mexico and wanting to enjoy excellent cuisine and the very best in cocktails? Rodrigo has the answer. His interests go beyond being a brand ambassador for Torres Brandy; he’s also embarked on an adventure as a partner in Handshake, a speakeasy in the Mexican capital. And it’s the speakeasy that was chosen as the number one cocktail bar in Mexico by the prestigious 50 Best Bars, and the second in the whole of North America. Hard to beat!

Rodrigo Urraca is part of the team that breathe life into the City Selection by Torres Brandy guides. Suggestions and ideas on food, culture, and a selection of cocktails and bars from different cities around the world that’s not to be missed. Of course, in the case of Mexico, the choice of ideas for the City Selection simply had to be made by Rodrigo Urraca and no-one else.

“The most exciting part of my job is working with people. You can touch their hearts. People are the raison d’être of all bars and restaurants.

Torres Brandy Embassy Rodrigo Urraca

Well aware of the important role family and friends play in his life, Rodrigo has a suggestion for you: a cocktail made with Torres 20 Brandy that’s a tribute to his own best friend, Marcos Di Battista.


With this cocktail, Rodrigo Urraca celebrates his friendship with Marcos Di Battista or “Marquitos” as he calls him. 

A cocktail with bags of character and a sweet, intense flavour that combines to perfection with Torres 20. Although the original name for this cocktail created by Marcos Di Battista was A destiempo, Rodrigo decided to change it to Marquitos, as a tribute to his best friend.


  • 45 ml Torres 20
  • 10 ml agave nectar
  • 3 shots of Angostura Bitters
  • 3 shots of Peychaud Bitters
  • To garnish: orange zest


Mix the cocktail in the glass you’re going to serve it in.

Add the agave nectar, the Torres 20 and then the 3 shots of each type of bitters.

Stir until the nectar is dissolved.

Add a top hat ice cube, and stir to cool the drink.

Twist the orange zest, allowing a few drops of the essential oils to fall into the glass.

Place the orange zest next to the ice.

Mixed by Torres Brandy: Marquitos - Rodrigo Urraca